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cuales son las pastillas para bajar de peso(non-registered)
cuales son las pastillas para bajar de peso
Melinda Krueger(non-registered)
Just watched your video of Summerfest 1971. Thanks for the great shots and so many memories!
Rink L Finish(non-registered)
I have known Bobby for countless years. His pictures are amazing. He puts his heart into everything he does. Thanks for the memories!
Diana (Deis) Avila(non-registered)
Always having that camera in hand has paid off in this amazing collection of music history. You are one of the best Photographers I know and this library of pictures is a testament to that.
Dee Spencer(non-registered)
Awesome photos. Milwaukee is a great rocking town and I was lucky to have grown up there..and to have met you thru The Hoier Bros Band and Truc of America! Rock on Bob!
Cheryl Bunyan
Bobby, your photos are simply outstanding, both the concert pix and the candid shots. Thanks so much for your kindness and helpfulness - you're the best! :)
No words actually. I only can say you are amazing!!
You've got perfect EYE :)

Hi Bob,
Milwaukee sure was a great place to grow up! How lucky many of us are to have experienced most of these concerts at a young age. These photographs bring me right back! Bob, I wish I had saved all the snapshots my friends and I took of the Messengers as well.

Thank you for this site, I don't remember how I stumbled upon it but it's fantastic! I've lived out of Milwaukee for many years now and love my country life but wouldn't trade my youth with anyone for anything!
Michael Morgan(non-registered)
You have always been something wonderful and your pictures are an extension of that. Love 'em.
Richard Klatte Prestor(non-registered)
To anyone who looks at Bob's photos, be happy for this great spread of 70s concerts.
Until about 1977, I was in charge of backstage security for all Daydream and Star Date concerts.
The point of this is to say that except for Randy and Alan (Daydream owners), "Mother" (Bob) was the ONLY person who never Had to wear a backstage pass. Mother was always friendly and he never got in the way.
In this website, his photo groups of actual backstage passes is fun to see. I hand stamped nearly 90% of these pictured, and the great variety of rubber stamp positions, colors, words, and number of stampings on each pass was planned. I had to be sure that a pass for this year's concert would look different from the pass for the next time that group played came to town.

Bob's many shots of the 1975 Rolling Stones Stadium show set-up is a fine gathering of pics showing lots of what goes for a big, outdoor concert. And I am pleased to say that the picture of me and Mother posing is included; it is number 5 in the group of 15 pictures. Bob gave me a copy of that picture back then, and I've always loved it. Thanks, Mother.
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